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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flow Innovator?

Flow Innovator is a tool that offers a curated prompt library to help businesses transform their operations and make content creation more efficient.

How can Flow Innovator benefit my business?

Flow Innovator can lighten your workload, streamline your content creation process, and enhance collaboration within your team through its prompt sharing feature.

Is Flow Innovator free to use?

Yes, you can install Flow Innovator for free. A small part of the software is free to use (You can save a max of 3 of your own promps). We also offer a 14 days free trial.

What is the Prompt Library?

The Prompt Library is a collection of pre-set prompts that are carefully curated for excellence, designed to turbocharge your content creation process.

Can I save my own prompts in Flow Innovator?

Yes, our premium plan of Flow Innovator allows you to personalize your workflow by saving your own prompts for future use.

How does the prompt sharing feature work?

The prompt sharing feature allows you to share prompts within your team, ensuring consistency and collaborative creativity.

What types of prompts does Flow Innovator offer?

Flow Innovator offers prompts for various categories including Marketing and Sales, Customer Service, Human Resources, Public Relations, and Business Strategy.