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Prompt library

Our carefully curated Prompt Library is a powerhouse of efficiency. Harness the power of pre-set prompts, handpicked for excellence, and designed to turbocharge your content creation process.

Saving Your Own Prompts

Personalize your workflow with our custom prompts feature. Save your own prompts for future use, tailor your content strategy to your unique needs, and take control of your business narrative like never before.

Prompt Sharing within Your Business

Foster collaborative creativity with our prompt sharing feature. Seamlessly share prompts within your team, ensure consistency, and amplify the power of collective intelligence in your business.


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Flow Innovator is a breath of fresh air. Its intuitive design and easy-to-use features have revolutionized the way we work. The curated Prompt Library, the prompt sharing feature, and the ability to save our own prompts – all these have significantly boosted our productivity. Highly recommend!